Video Game Tester – How to Get Paid to Test Video Games

Most gamers dream about being video game testers. After all, who wouldn’t want to get paid to do something that they enjoy doing. Must people hate getting up every morning to go to a job they find boring. But most people have no real idea about what a video game tester does every day, and how to become one. Games Publishers need testers to ensure that their finished products are released without bugs and glitches. If a game has too many bugs and glitches, then it will get bad reviews and publicity from the gaming community, and this can mean a serious loss of sales and income. Therefore games publishers are happy to employ video game testers to keep the amount of bugs and glitches in their products down to a bare minimum.There are many websites and products on the market that will promise to assist you in getting a job as a game tester, but many of these are bogus, or just not worth the money. If you want to become a video game tester there are two options open to you. Firstly you can search for job vacancies yourself, searching the internet, making speculative phone calls to games publishers, and sending out speculative resumes. Secondly, you can pay to join a database of video game tester job vacancies, where you can log in an immediately view vacancies, and have access to advice and information on the interviews you will receive.Let’s explore the first option. The first thing you should do is bookmark all the major games publishes career websites. Everyone you can find, From EA through to Blizzard. If you regularly check these, you may get lucky and find a games tester vacancy. Once you have done this, you should start searching for gaming industry job sites, where gaming related vacancies from many different companies are displayed. You could also phone companies and send off speculative resumes, so that if they do have vacancies, they will contact you. If you are lucky enough to find a vacancy, and obtain an interview, you should ensure that you have researched what to expect from Video Game Tester related websites, as preparation is the key to success.The second method is to get someone else to do all the legwork for you, somebody with contacts in the games industry. You can pay a one off fee and gain access to a database of video game tester job vacancies. The good thing about these databases is that you will also be emailed when new vacancies arise. Be careful though as many are not worth the money, only use one that has received good reviews.If you put in some time (or invest some money getting someone else to do it for you) then there is no reason why you too can’t be getting paid to test all the new games releases. Just make sure you do your homework before applying….

Play Video Games For Money

As unlikely as it may seem, becoming a video game tester and getting a career in the video game industry is a lot easier than what people may think. The main reason for people not making a career as a video game tester is the fact that they just don’t know where to begin, who to talk to or where to go.One of things that are absolutely essential before you even get to the point of actually applying to be a tester is to have the ability to perform the job. Some of you may be saying, that of course you can do the job because you play games everyday because although having gaming experience helps your chances it is not the only requirement to be a game tester.Not only should you play video games on a regular basis, but you have to have a passion for gaming. Once again this may be one of the things you think you possess, but think about it, you are going to have to play certain video games 8 to 10 hours a day and not lose that passion. In many ways it actually tests your passion because if you can’t hack it, you should look elsewhere.Another attribute game companies will be looking for is that you are playing the latest games with the latest technology or else you really are no use to the company. A lot of people stick to their old games or the games of the past that they love to play, but if you aren’t up to date, try something else.Otherwise, if you think you can be a valuable asset to a video game company, give it a shot and starting getting paid to play the games you love!

Top 5 Advantages of Playing Video Games

Contrary to the famous belief, video games can be more than just a form of addictive entertainment and diversion activity. There are a lot of people who find video games as a hindrance to function as a responsible and productive person. In reality, we can always find ways to prove that this is a beneficial activity.Many believe that video gaming brought tendencies to human beings to become violent in our society nowadays. However, this is not all true. There are several elements in the environment that contributed well enough to man’s behavior.The discussion of the benefits and advantages of video gaming should be brought into light. It is undeniable that the generation today consider surfing the internet and playing video games as part of their everyday life. Apart from being a great form of diversion activity, you’ll be surprised to know that playing video games has a lot to offer.

A new way of teaching. Almost all children have access to video games as they study in school. There are many educational institutions nowadays that use video games as a teaching methodology. This approach works best in teaching these children to improve their academic skills. There are many video games that were specifically made to develop their cognitive and creative thinking skills.

It improves hand and eye coordination. Experts agree that people who play video and computer games have better hand and eye coordination. Players have to move at a great deal of speed along with other heroes of the game. This can be helpful with children and adults as well in applying this skill in other activities that require better hand-eye coordination.

A remedy for certain health disorder. There are many medical institutions that utilize computer games as a form of physiotherapy. This kind of games help people recover fast from physical injuries and help them improve their motor and coordination skills as well. Distraction is the best natural remedy for pain, and what other things loaded with so much fun as video games?

Imagination booster. In the world of computer games, the possibilities are endless. Video gaming is packed with a lot of adventure that forces your mind to think in a completely new and different way. You’ll be amazed to know how far your imagination can take you.

Improves your problem solving skills. This type of game requires problem solving skills. You are the heroine of your own game, so you should have a good decision making skill. Most games inspire players to strive and reach more difficult levels presenting challenges at every stage.

Playing computer games have positive as well as negative impact on you and your society. Everything in excess is bad. Parents should be able to set rules on how much and what kind of gaming is only permitted to their children. In addition, this type of diversion activity is expensive so parents must be strict and teach their children to learn to save money by buying items such as cheapest console for their video games. Engaging in this game should not be too expensive because game developing companies come up with the newest and better video games regularly as a response to the growing competition.